Nady DW-22 UHF Wireless Microphone System Review

I have only been using this for a couple of days but am impressed with the performance. I recently tested another Nady VHF unit that I liked a lot but had two small issues that bugged me. The first was the use of 9 volt batteries. I never seem to have them around so I know at some point I’ll have to make an emergency run to the store to get some. This unit used AA batteries and while the specs call for alkaline batteries a set of Ni-MH rechargeables worked great. The second issue was some interference in my basement due to all the electrical objects running. This unit did not have that problem.

The main advantage here it that the unit uses the 900MHz band which gives it a bit more clarity than the VHF band. I was able to set the receiver up in my basement and walk all around the house without the signal breaking up. Great if you like to move around when podcasting or more likely if you are speaking in front of an audience where you want to move around as you speak.

The unit is very easy to set up and use. You can export the audio out of the device either by a single phono cable or by a pair of XLR cables. If you use the phono cable both microphones get exported together and the dials on the front will adjust the volume of the microphones. If you use XLR cables the dials on the device do nothing and each channel is sent to a mixing board or whatever you are using to process the audio.

In the video I am using the XLR output so the audio chain is microphone -> receiver -> XLR output -> dbx channel strip -> mixing board -> Zoom audio recorder.

Overall I am liking this unit quite a bit. It has excellent quality sound, runs on AA batteries and is quite easy to set up. Highly recommended.

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