Episode #22 – Camouflage of Righteousness – Randumb Thoughts Podcast

Randumb Thoughts Podcast - Episode #22 - Camouflage of Righteousness

On this show I take an in-depth look at the lyrics of the song “Camouflage of Righteousness” written by Little Steven 30 years ago. The lyrics are more relevant today than ever as Little Steven’s words seem more than a bit prophetic.

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One Reply to “Episode #22 – Camouflage of Righteousness – Randumb Thoughts Podcast”

  1. Great episode, Darren. Hopefully SVZ chimes in with some analysis.

    Tune and voice reminds me of Sex Pistols/Johnny Rotten from back then.

    “We offer you diversion
    On any channel you choose
    We give you bread and circus
    And you still call it news”

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