Episode #88 – One World One Opinion – Randumb Thoughts Podcast

Randumb Thoughts Podcast - Episode #88 - One World One Opinion

Thank you to everyone that has supported this podcast from the very start. The last episode hit a nerve and really generated some interest and donations, which are greatly appreciated. This episode is a bit on the short side due to a health issue and some new medication I’m on but I wanted to get an episode out there to thank everyone for their support!

This episode talks about what happens when you enter “All Lives Matter” into Siri or a Google Home device and then postulates where we are going as a society when one side controls all data and all opinion.

Jfinley – $50.00
Omaha – $33.33
SirCandinavian – $33.00
EricVM – $25.00
Srinivas Murty – $25.00
Keith van Dijk – $10.00
Thank you for your support!

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Thank you for listening and supporting the Randumb Thoughts Podcast, it is appreciated!

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