Noontec Zoro II On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones Limited Edition Review

This is a nice set of headphones that can be used both wired or wirelessly. The sound quality is excellent overall with accurate representation from the low-end through the midrange and high-end.


Where a lot of headphones really color the sound by over-accentuating the bass these headphones are pretty accurate overall. They have a nice, low bass with a clear mid-range and high-end. The soundstage overall is excellent as is the stereo separation, something listening to some Beatles tracks with these really showed off nicely.

If you’re a fan of the unnatural sounding super bass you might want to look elsewhere. If you’re looking for more of an audiophile reference experience the sound here is quite good.

I tested the headphones both wired and wirelessly. Switching back and forth I could detect a very slight difference. The high end is just a bit more rolled off using the Bluetooth over using the wired connection. With that said, I listen wired through a nice little Fiio headphone amplifier that I really like. The sound is close enough that I will probably opt for wireless more often than wired to be able to move around the room as I’m listening.


I found these to be very comfortable. With a lot of headphones I’ve tried, I get ear fatigue after an hour or two. That did not happen with these. I used them to listen to one of my favorite podcasts and was surprised that after three hours I hardly realized I was still wearing the headphones. The earpads are soft and comfortable. I do have a fairly large head and did have to extend the headphones to their longest position.


I was a bit dubious of the 35 hour battery life that is listed on these headphones. When I got them I made sure to charge them up fully before I started using them. After a week’s worth of use, which was probably 14 or 15 hours of listening, they were still showing as over 75% charged which is quite impressive.


This is a really nice sounding set of headphones that gives you excellent bass and clarity. They are quite comfortable to wear and the battery lasts a very long time between recharging. Love the fact that they can be used either wired or wirelessly making them more versatile than most headphones. Recommended.

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