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Welcome to the launch of the Randumb Thoughts podcast, the first solo podcast I’ve ever decided to do.  It will tackle whatever is on my mind on any given day, which could be anything under the sun.  For episode one, the topic is perspective.

Thanks to Larry over at That Larry Show for suggesting the solo podcasting route isn’t all that bad.  Here’s hoping you’re right!

This show is dedicated to my good friend Tom Wendlandt who passed away in December of 2016.  Tom was a fantastic musician, I used a clip of one of his songs for the theme music here, a great friend and someone that impacted my life greatly.

So on to the show!  I hope you enjoy it.

2 Replies to “Episode #1 – Perspective – Randumb Thoughts Podcast”

  1. Outstanding job and topic that everyone should use to change their focus and change their life before they make themselves miserable just because they could have easily viewed something a better way and they didn’t. The 30 minute time-frame was just enough time for me to listen while I was cutting the grass!

  2. Great debut, episode, Darren. Great topic, and your sincerity and thruthfulness just shines through.
    Extremely listenable ( is that a word?)
    Keep ’em coming!

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