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This episode is all about privacy.  We all know that our electronic devices are always listening to us, but do we know what happens with that data even if it doesn’t wake our devices?  Did you know that there’s a good chance that every picture you upload to the Internet is also providing your exact location?

Data is a big business and everyone wants to know more about your life so they can target you with more ads.  This episode may scare you, but also hopefully give you some tips to limit your exposure to the data mining going on within all of your devices.

2 Replies to “Episode #3 – Privacy – Randumb Thoughts Podcast”

  1. When you really stop and think about it, you just want to turn all social media and all devices off. Just about everyone is completely blind to how much data we just give away.

    1. I know, it’s really crazy when you see the extent that privacy has eroded in the last decade. It is hard to get “off the grid” now!

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